Talmidei Chachamim of Today and Tomorrow

Talmidei Chachamim of Today and Tomorrow

Are helped Through Lev Berel


Lev Berel, loosely translated as “the heart of Berel,” was established in honor of Dr. Berel(Boris) Chechik.  His heart was open to helping Jews get out from the Iron Curtain. Lev Berel is emulating his compassion and giving heart, helping Jews lead better lives.



Lev Berel doesn’t just collect money to distribute with Kollelim; the organization ensures recipients are helped with respect.


Our organization is directly involved with every Kollel. We track, analyze and have a personal connection that enables us to best help each family.


As a facilitator, Lev Berel is able to give families financial assistance without families feeling embarrassed. Direct deposits are made with out the recipient knowing the true source.

 Help countless lives experience happiness, with the highest form of Tzedakah possible.  After all is said and done indeed ā€¯Giving Hearts Make A World of Difference.”

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